Chocolate tasting of horchata

I already spoke the other day about the medieval market that was held in my town a few weeks ago, I also talked about craft stalls and among them I made a slight reference to a chocolate stall and a horchata chocolate tablet that called me a lot the attention The company that manufactures it is Chocolates Comes, a chocolate company from Sueca (Valencia), this company works all its products by hand and even within its facilities we can visit the chocolate museum.

European salads Recipe book

You already know that in Direct to the Palate we have a weakness for confectionery, desserts and sweets in general, but occasionally it does not hurt to think of lighter dishes, to compensate. That's why I bring you European Salads, a book full of magnificent salad recipes with an original point.

Legumes, energy source

Since childhood we have been told that it is necessary to eat legumes, at least two or three times a week, that they are a source of energy and protein and that they are very good. Now that we are adults, we may see it more clearly and think like our parents. Sincerely, for our part we have found a thousand and one elaborations to enjoy a healthy food.

Sweet and lemon wine sponge cake. Recipe

I don't know what the biscuits will have but they are sweet that they lose us. That's why we are always trying new recipes and taking note of tricks to make them more fluffy, light and tasty. This week we tried to add sweet wine to one of our favorite mixes and we liked the result so much that we want to share with you the recipe for the sweet and lemon wine sponge cake.

Roasted potato skewer with pesto and anchovies. Recipe

This skewer of roasted potatoes with pesto and anchovies, was the appetizer we had on Sunday, with a beer, while the meal was finished. It seems to me that the appetizers are almost what I like most of the weekend. When I prepared the noodles with Burgos cheese and spinach and pistachio pesto a few days ago, a good amount of pesto was left over, so on Sunday I set out preparing these roasted potatoes in the oven.

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Fritters of olives

The olives give more play in the kitchen than we think, in addition to giving a great flavor, you can check it with these delicious fritters of olives. They can be an ideal appetizer or accompaniment that all diners will like. The ingredients 200 grams of breadcrumbs, 200 grams of breadcrumbs, 100 grams of grated carrots, 50 grams of grated cheese, 50 grams of green olives, 50 grams of black Aragon olives, 1 egg, 40 milliliters of olive oil , cumin and salt.

Guiness roscones

Sometimes it seems that the Guiness Book is driving us all crazy. In Spain there are two locations that seem to be disputing the sympathetic honor of entering the famous book by making the largest Roscón de Reyes ever seen or tasted. In the red corner, the flirtatious Murcia town of Totana, which has made a fabulous Roscón with the chilling weight of 1.

Spain exhaustively controls the quality of olive oil

The acidity that olive oil presents is not a virtue, it is actually a sign of the degradation that it presents, as indicated by the experts responsible for carrying out the tests to determine the quality of the oil that we can acquire in the usual establishments. In the course held in the Mediterranean of Almuñécar, entitled "Authenticity and traceability of food" experts such as the head of the Food Quality Control Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía indicates that several Tests that are performed to know the exact quality of the oil are based on the acidity of the oil, the so-called k index (oxidized compounds that alter the quality of the oil), the analysis of peroxides (oxidizing substances that make the oil dirty and cloud the organoleptic characteristics of the oil) and logically the tasting of the oil in question.

What is a tagine and how to prepare it so that it is ready to cook

A tajine is a cooking vessel made of cooked clay, and composed of a deep plate and a conical shaped lid. In addition to the container, the stew that is prepared in it is also called tajine, in the same way as with the cauldrons, paellas, and other kitchen utensils, which also give name to the dishes prepared in them.

Watermelon lowers blood pressure

Few are those who do not enjoy the refreshing watermelon in summer, in addition to the known benefits it provides, the vasodilator power that can help reduce blood pressure is added. Researchers at the A&M University of Texas, the University of Nevada and the Oklahoma State University tell us that the consumption of a glass of watermelon juice in every meal, in just three weeks can provide this reduction in blood pressure thanks to 18% increase in nitric oxide from watermelon L-arginine.

Blind tasting of fruits and vegetables in Hostelequip

Yesterday, at the Hostelequip Fair that is being held at the Palace of Congresses of Malaga and that ends today, a blind tasting was carried out to distinguish between the fruits and vegetables of IV Gama and fresh fruits and vegetables. A few days ago we show you directly on the Palate the different food ranges, you can read it through this link.

Mom's recipes. Cook Book

A few months ago I received this succulent cookbook entitled Mom's recipes, courtesy of themselves. I am lucky to meet the co-author of the book, Paco Juan. Things of life we ​​study together in Madrid. We don't really study the same thing, but we did share a college. Then everyone went their way and culinary blogs have brought us together again (well and Facebook also helped), so I have the dedicated book, what an illusion.

Shrimp, broccoli and brie cheese quiche recipe

The shrimp, broccoli and brie cheese quiche recipe can be a perfect excuse to use those prawns that you have left in the freezer after the Christmas holidays. A broken dough is used as a base and the filling can be imaginative. In this case some prawns, broccoli and brie cheese, ideal for melting in the oven.