Anterarana porra recipe

We are all the same, with a heat that overwhelms so it is time to go from hot to cold soups. Today I prepared a recipe for porra antequerana. These types of recipes belong to the same family that with their various modifications each receives a different name. We have the salmorejo, the gazpacho, inside the gazpachos there are many types and the salmorejos are as much.

Mini gruyer cheese fritters. Recipe

Flour and I don't make too many good crumbs. In his day it was hard for me to take the point of the pizza dough, which looks easy, so I confess that when I put these mini gruyer cheese fritters in the oven I was not sure what was going to come out, and what I had followed the proportions of the recipe - from a party recipe book that I will show you soon - to the letter.

Why nobody worries about putting good music in restaurants (although they would earn more money)

"Strawberry lips taste of love, passion fruit pulp". The verses of the nasty but ultra-catchy hit of Invisible Dance resonate relentlessly in my head. The fault lies with the restaurant under the house, which has been without changing its playlist all summer. Every night, without exception, around 11 pm, it is time to suffer that milestone of pop lyric, which compares the eyes of a girl with a mussel, in an ecstasy of culinary passion.

Minimalist chopsticks, elegant and practical two-in-one designs

It's been a while since Asian restaurants and their cuisine stopped being something exceptional and strange for us, but I remember perfectly the first time I tried sushi in a Japanese place, which was also my first time with chopsticks. They are so simple that it is difficult to think of avant-garde models, but in the Japanese firm Nendo we can find minimalist chopsticks, with two-in-one designs, elegant and practical.

Tapas route in Salamanca de Vive the city

In the blogs of NH Vive the city, managed by Weblogs SL, we find an ally if we want gastronomic information from different cities of our country, for now we have Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Salamanca, Seville and Santiago de Compostela. So much to know the traditional dishes, the gastronomic days, restaurants and even tapas routes, it is an ideal source, in this case we focus on how lucky those who are or will visit Salamanca will be, because they have organized a route with different new generation tapas bars, or what we usually call miniature haute cuisine.

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Sour cream, Crème fraîche, Sour Cream: or the other creams ...

We all think it is right to define cream as a dairy product, rich in fat, made from animal milk. And without a doubt, it is. But this generic definition, usually falls short, when we see all the kinds of cream that can be found in the market. Not long ago, our partner Pintxo told us about the different creams and their classifications: according to the origin of the milk (cow, sheep, mixture); according to the amount of fat (double cream, cream, light cream); according to its consistency (thick cream, liquid cream); according to its sweetness (sugary or not).

The Week Live to the Palate | October 15-21

As every Monday we summarize what was published live on the palate in the week that just ended. Last week our colleagues Velsid attended the III National Contest of Skewers and Tapas City of Valladolid and came astonished with the impressive level of the contest and of course sharing a lot of information on the blog about the trip to Valladolid.

Vegetarianism can be linked to the IQ

A study by the team of Dr. Catherine Gale of the University of Southampton in England, suggests that children with a high IQ are more likely to eat a vegetarian diet in adulthood. The study published in the digital edition of the British Medical Journal, took into account the IC of more than eight thousand people of 30 years, who were determined the intelligence index at 10 years.

Recipe for meat dumplings, fried or baked?

I really want to make a special snack that is ideal to enjoy watching football matches when my friends come home. To avoid losing detail, I want to have something ready to peck, something that doesn't give me work. That's why I decided to prepare this recipe for minced meat dumplings.

Walk through the gastronomy of the network: fresh desserts to sweeten the end of August

I am still not sure if this August has happened to me fast or slow - a small trip in the middle of the month has helped to cope with it, the truth - but the fact is that we have already planted ourselves in the final stretch of the summer. On this last Tuesday of the month we return as always to dive through the blogosphere in our Walk through the gastronomy of the network, today with fresh desserts.

What is your wild card recipe ?: The question of the week

I am sure that, like me, you all have a recipe, salty or sweet, that is perfect for you and that has taken you out of more trouble. Therefore, in the section of Direct to the Palate answers I raise the question of whether you have a special recipe that serves to show you off or that has even served you to save a committed moment.

Hosomaki recipe with smoked salmon, prawns or pickled turnip

In sushi it is not all raw fish and although they have no problem as long as it is properly prepared if there are people who back down on the subject of raw fish. At home, for example, they force me to make them from smoked fish or other ingredients. For example, today we are going to prepare some hosomakis of salmon, shrimp and pickled Japanese turnip.

Candelier, a design lamp with gummy bears

In 1920, Hans Riegel, a worker at a confectionery factory in the city of Bonn in Germany decided that it was time to improve his economic situation and start a business on his own. With a basic equipment consisting of sugar bags, a kettle, roller and a marble slab to cool their products began, helped by his wife, to make hard candies that were distributed by transporting them on his bicycle.

Buns with poppy seeds and black sesame: easy bakery recipe

Good bread is never missing in my house, and for years I try to always be homemade. I have a weakness for medium-large, whole-grain pieces with cereals such as rye, more blunt and moist, but occasionally I like to prepare individual white muffins such as these with poppy seeds and black sesame seeds, great for accompanying food or for drinking At breakfast.

The Council of Ministers approves the new quality standard for Iberian products

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment continues to work on its objectives to improve the quality of the key products of Spanish cuisine. If a few weeks ago a new regulation was established around the use of oil companies in hospitality, this new year 2014 has begun with the approval of the quality standard for meat, ham, shoulder and Iberian loin.

Edible Christmas Ornaments

In these coming dates, we can make our own edible, nutritious and excellent Christmas decorations to decorate. The idea is not bad although you run the risk of running out of any ornament. To make Christmas trees Ingredients 225 grams of flour, 75 grams of roasted almonds, 120 grams of butter, 130 grams of sugar, 3 eggs, 1 egg white, 150 grams of glass sugar and food coloring.