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Steamed cockles recipe

There is no month that a little cockle cock does not fall at home. And sometimes we don't realize how expensive they are and what we would save if we did them at home. With how easy it is to make a recipe for steamed cockles. The typical recipe for steamed cockles is to wash them well and in a pan with a little salt and some bay leaves make them covered for about 5 minutes.

Leeks braised with nuts. Recipe

The leek is another one of those vegetables that are never missing in my pantry, a custom that I have inherited from my mother. At home they have always been used as a base for a multitude of different dishes, such as onions, but I have noticed that I have rarely cooked them giving them the spotlight. That's why I couldn't help jumping into the kitchen to prepare this recipe for leeks braised with nuts when I found a similar dish of Gordon Ramsay.

They denounce a man for taking 120 kilos of bonito to a fish shop in a dog trailer

The local Vitoria police have caught a 64-year-old man who transported fresh fish in a dog trailer, without any type of refrigeration, which was then sold at a market stall. As explained by the City Council of the Basque city, the local police suspected that the owner of the trailer could be transporting food without proper hygiene measures since it had already been detected several times parking in the loading and unloading area of ​​the Ensanche market, located in the vitoriano district of Coronación.

About the lobster

On the lobster we can say that it is a crustacean decapod walker, it is characterized by having very long antennas, by the presence of skewers on the side of its abdominal segments and by the lack of tweezers. The lobster is raised on the rocky bottoms, at a depth between 20 and 150 meters.

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Aromatic stew of South African-inspired fish. Recipe

As an absolute lover of spoon dishes but little fond of meat, fish stews occupy a privileged place on my favorite food podium. Therefore, when I came across this recipe for aromatic stew of South African fish with saffron and harissa, I lacked time to try it. We must take advantage that we still do not have the strong summer heat to continue enjoying comforting dishes like this.

Stevia: is it as good as they say?

One of the first products that are usually eliminated from the diet when we want to lose weight is sugar. Before it was replaced by saccharin or aspartame, two controversial artificial sweeteners considered unhealthy, or other products such as sucralose. Now it is replaced by stevia, the flagship product.

Vegetable ratatouille with white rice

Today to eat has touched "clean" the fridge of all the vegetables that were left. So, ratatouille of vegetables. To accompany it, and to gain consistency, some white rice. Simple and delicious The ingredients For 2 or 3 people: 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1 zucchini, 1 eggplant, 2 tomatoes, salt, ground black pepper, pink peppercorns, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and 200 gr.

New awards for Spanish cheeses in the World Championship Cheese Contest

A new edition of the World Championship Cheese Contest, the World Cheese Championship, has just been held, one of the most prestigious events in the international cheese world. This contest is held every two years in the town of Madison, Wisconsin (United States), and brings together a representation of the best cheeses made worldwide.

Are you looking for a menu for romantic dinner? Here are seven ideas for Valentine

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and many of you will be thinking of preparing a special menu to celebrate such a marked date. Do you already know what you are going to prepare? Are you looking for a menu for a romantic dinner? Here are seven ideas for Valentine's Day. Therefore, so that you can choose from a range of special dishes, we will propose seven possibilities of first, second and dessert.

Salad "cobbled" white beans with trempó and tuna Isabel

Mikel López Iturriaga is a journalist, gastronomic blogger and regular contributor to various media. He has published two recipe books and other issues related to food. He learned some cooking at the Hofmann School, but is still considered an upstart rather than an expert.

Cereals, from the field to your breakfast cup

Cereals with chocolate, sugary, stuffed, lights. Every day the supply of breakfast cereals grows, reaching unsuspected limits and responding to the most different tastes. Behind these morning companions lies an interesting story, ranging from collection to sale.

The list of the 50 best restaurants in the world of 2011

One more year the famous list of the 50 best restaurants in the world has failed again. And it is curious but this year what I read most are critical of the list itself that congratulations to the "winners." A priori all critics indicate that it is not because Spain has ceased to have a winner unanimously, in fact there are 3 in the top 10 and two of them in the 5.

Chicote witnessed the biggest operation against bluefin tuna fraud in the world: everything you need to know

The chef Alberto Chicote has witnessed some of the raids carried out by the Civil Guard in the baptized Operation Tarantelo: the biggest operation in history against the black market for bluefin tuna, which ended last week with 79 detainees, the intervention of 80,000 kilos of bluefin tuna and the dismantling of a criminal plot whose gross benefits could exceed 12 million euros per year.