17 recipes for a beach picnic and essential accessories to avoid sand chaos

The beach picnic is something that remains in the nostalgic memory of many when it was synonymous with summer vacations, a formerly very special plan that today still retains part of its charm. But it is not as easy as it seems; for set up a perfect, original and risk-free picnic, you have to organize a bit and be predictive.

The planning will depend a little on how far we are from the beach, the time we will spend there or the size of the family, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to take foods that hold up well, avoiding health problems and that they are really appetizing and comfortable to eat. For that, it should also be done with the appropriate equipment, without having to take half kitchen.

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Recipes and recommendations for a perfect beach picnic

The general recommendation is to search dishes that are easy to eat on the beach, that do not require a great assembly, and that are tasty cold at room temperature. The less covered and containers required, the better, and can not be very perishable. Ideally, they are rich - after all, on vacation it is about enjoying - and not too heavy to digest.

There are many beach classics like gazpacho or breaded steak, although we prefer to go a little further with less old ideas and something more original. You have to take precautions with the egg in summer, avoiding as much as possible the raw or slightly curdled egg, and generally avoid fish, shellfish and undercooked meats.

Keep the cold chain at all times, store food properly without exposing it to the sun or heat, maintain proper hygiene of hands and utensils, as well as avoid cross contaminationa, are key aspects that we must never neglect to avoid unnecessary risks on our beach day.

Snacks, sandwiches and others

Do not underestimate the value of a good bread when it comes to putting snacks to go. If it is of quality, it will not only be richer, it will also better support the preparation in advance and the rattle of the trip.

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Is the easiest and most convenient option to transport and eat, perfect if there are children in the family and does not force us to bring plates or cutlery. If we are going to use mayonnaise to spread the bread it is better to resort to a commercial or prepare the egg-free version -lactonesa-, or a vegetable alternative. Fresh vegetables are highly recommended, as long as the sandwich does not have to endure too many hours, because they quickly become weak.

In addition to the classic sandwich we can venture with more original sandwiches, or resort to other bases to give a more international touch to the picnic. Pita bread, naan, tortilla wraps or rice wafers are also good options.


Summer and salads go hand in hand, so they couldn't miss a beach picnic. As general advice, it is convenient take the dressing or sauce apart to throw it at the time of serving, unless the base of the dish is potato or another ingredient, and there are not too many green leaves.

If it is going to be a single dish we can choose an energetic salad that endures the hours better, like a pasta or rice salad, always adding lean proteins or using canned seafood or vegetables, safer than many raw ingredients - and more practical. It is advisable to distribute in portions from home so as not to have to serve dishes on the beach, thus avoiding also opening and closing the fountain several times.

Other dishes

Salty cakes and their variants, also in the form of empanadas and empanadillas, are great for picnicking, if they are kept well refrigerated. We will better avoid quiches that carry too much egg and dairy, the vegan versions being a good alternative. the fine cocas are great to crown with roasted vegetables and, if we carry an omelet, always be well curdled.


The best way to hydrate in a healthy way is to drink fresh water, but since we are enjoying our vacations we are going to allow ourselves some soda ... homemade, of course. Beer, sangria and summer red wine are classics of these dates, but alcohol is not highly recommended -really never ever- when temperatures tighten.

It is better to bet on beverages rich in natural fruit, controlling the level of added sugar and looking for natural flavors based on fresh herbs or some spice. Tea infusions and the like can also be delicious served very cold.

Useful utensils and accessories for our picnic

Besides of pack Basic beach - towels, clean clothes, flip flops, sandwiches, hats and hats, sunglasses, protective cream - there are certain objects that will come in handy to succeed with our picnic in the sand. They are utensils that they will make our lives easier when it comes to conserving food and also tasting it, without risks and without discomfort.

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Portable beach tent

Compact, easy to assemble and at a good price -26.99 euros on Amazon- we have a practical portable tent designed for camping and the beach, with enough space for a family to protect the food area, with space for two people. It is waterproof, has UV protection and good ventilation, avoiding the "greenhouse-sauna" effect inside.

If we prefer a model larger and somewhat higher in quality, so that the family can share the protected interior space, we have this other model at 50.99 euros, which also includes windows that can be opened and closed.

Waterproof blanket

Whether we have a tent or not, a blanket or outdoor mat is almost essential to be comfortable, especially if we are going to make a deployment of means to eat or snack. We must look for a model that is large enough not to overwhelm us, waterproof and resistant to the sand, and make it light and easy to store.

A basic model with very good reviews is this blanket / carpet of 210 by 200 cm, which includes carrying bag and hooks to fix it to the ground, for only 15.99 euros. Of course, if we want something more beautiful, we can opt for a blanket like this one by Sekey, which folds to form a kind of bag and has a more pleasant texture due to its triple layer and fleece.

Portable fridge

This object is practically essential if we want to maintain food security preserving the cold chain, with protected foods. There are many options depending on the size or time that we will spend outside, but a good bet is a basic thermo-rigid refrigerator, resistant and well protected from the outside, such as this 29-liter model at 19.90 euros. There are more and less volume, up to 42 liters.

Another option prettier and with more options to mount the picnic is an insulating bag and like this one from Allcamp, 32 liters for 29.99 euros. It can be folded, it has a zip closure and promises to keep the food cold for 3 to 5 hours - as long as we do not expose it to direct sun or we are constantly opening it.

For superior benefits we can choose to invest in a portable thermoelectric fridge, which in addition to cooling also heats -good option for winter picnics-, with a power supply through a car cigarette lighter connector or a 230V AC power cord. It is 26v liters and costs 63.99 euros.

Cooling blocks

It is advisable to forget the ice and keep the refrigerator cold with cooling blocks, which will not create dampness or waterlogging. In addition to the typical generic blues, we have other options on the market such as this set of five Magic Gel units, for 13.99 euros.

They are thin and with a more practical design when it comes to entering in different spaces, even it will serve us for the lunch box of the work or smaller bags. For 12.73 euros we have this other set of accumulators, with a large model of 800 g and two of 400 g, large but also very flat.

Reusable bottles

If we are going to bring our own drinks and we want to enjoy fresh water throughout the day, in addition to the fridge we can take reusable thermal bottles, of sustainable materials to forget forever disposable plastic. In addition, bottles like these made of stainless steel are more beautiful and resistant, and they better preserve the cold.

There are many different colors and with different sizes, at a price that ranges from 14.49 euros to 21.59 euros.

Waterless hand cleaner

One of the most frequent causes of poisoning problems - and the spread of several viruses - is the lack of hand hygiene. With the relaxation of the beach day we can forget something as basic as washing them well before handling food, and the most practical is to use a disinfectant cleaner without water.

The Ecohydra Antibacterial has several formats, but the bottle of instant foam It is very comfortable to carry and use anywhere. Does not carry alcohol, dries quickly and does not damage or dry the skin. It costs 11.15 euros in the 500 ml format.

And for dessert, nothing like season's fruit. Better if we carry it whole, without peeling or chopping, so it will be preserved in better conditions. Remember the importance of washing it properly at the time of serving, and also keep it refrigerated, away from moisture or cross contamination.

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