11 kitchen utensils that will come in handy and that cost less than 20 euros

In our section of Hunting Gangas, we are always looking for products that may be interesting to our readers and today we have found these 11 kitchen utensils that will come in handy and that cost less than 20 euros.

Read this article carefully because you will surely find more than one interesting product and since we are in summer, You can give yourself a joy without spending much, renewing or getting some of these utensils, which you will certainly use often if you like to cook. Of course, you can also consider them to have a detail with whoever you want, knowing that it will be very well priced.

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11 kitchen utensils that will come in handy and that cost less than 20 euros

This set of four ceramic casseroles of 200 ml capacity each is perfect to serve creams or vegetable dishes in individual portions or to put different side dishes or snacks on the table. The game costs 19.99 euros and comes with two orange and two red casseroles, including their tapas.

This set of 2 pizza baking trays will be great for your friends meetings, If you want to make any of our pizza recipes, since with it you will get a crunchy base full of flavor. The set of two trays costs only 8.98 euros.

Yes instead of pizza you prefer to make a good roast chicken in the oven or on the barbecue taking advantage of the summer, this special grill for roasting chickens in an upright position will be very useful. It costs 18.90 euros and with it you will get the chicken to cook well and equally throughout its surface.

Also for the oven, this tray with rack, perfect for baking fish and meat without being in contact with liquids or juices that are released during cooking. For 16.59 euros, it measures 34x24 cm and a champagne gold color.

If you opt for microwave cooking, imagine the possibility of having a pressure cooker suitable for this appliance. Well, this white pot meets those requirements and costs only 7.99 euros. Don't say it's not a bargain.

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To make many sweet recipes, especially for cake toppings and glazes, it is very good for us to have a layered spatula. This set of three flexible spatulas costs less than 13 euros and you will also use them to make crêpes, cookies and many other recipes.

For the fried foods, these pliers-strainer come in handy that help us to get the potatoes, the fish or the chicken fingers, drained well. If I tell you that they only cost 2.16 euros, you will surely put them on your wish list, right?

We continue with a set of 3 bamboo steamers, which include chopsticks and waxed papers to serve dim sums, gyozas and other foods that you steam. It is the most expensive product we have selected and costs just the 20 euros that we had set as a limit.

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When we make potato omelette, either with onion or without onion, -or with potatoes and asparagus that is my favorite- one of the biggest complications is turning the tortilla. With this double pan the task is completely simplified and costs only 11.31 euros. In addition, to separate them you will have two more pans at home, which you can use in any other recipe.

For beat eggs or to serve them if you prepare some flamenco or gardener eggs, this type of enameled dishes will come in handy. There are two sizes, 14 cm that costs 6.82 euros and 18 cm that costs 13.70 euros. You can choose between several colors and they are dishwasher safe.

If you've been dreaming of having a skillet or cast iron skillet at home for a while You're in luck because this Utopia Kitchen pan costs only 11.99 euros and with its 26 cm in diameter it has enough capacity.

Lifver - 200 ml ceramic souffle dish / Mini casserole / Ramekins, Dip-4 bowls, cherry red and orange, round.

Today in Amazon for € 19.99

Chg 9776-46 Pizza Baking Tray, 2 Pieces, Diameter: Approx. 28 Cm, Professional Quality, Withstands Temperatures Up to 250 °

Today in Amazon for € 8.98

Stainless steel flexible layered pastry spatula - Rugged steel scrapers with ergonomic handle for frosting, tablecloth, smoothing, cake decorating, cakes and cupcakes - Set of 3

Today in Amazon for € 12.97

Xiton Stainless Steel Strainer Multifunctional Skimmer Filter Spoon with Food Clip Cooking Oil-frying Salad Filter Kitchen strainer Filter Spoon (Silver, 11 "x 4" Inches) 1Pc

Today in Amazon for € 2.16

VonShef Bamboo Steamer 20cm 2 Floors with Stainless Steel Band - includes 2 Pairs of Chopsticks and 50 Wax Papers

Today in Amazon for € 20

Navaris Chicken Roaster Support - Barbecue Oven Accessory - Stainless Steel Roaster Support - Vertical Grill Ø 30.5cm for BBQ Grill

Today in Amazon for € 18.90

Asta Hogar Pressure Cooker for Microwave Hottix AH-KC5260, Plastic, White

Today in Amazon for € 7.99

PAMEX - 24cm giratortilla pan

Today in Amazon for € 11.31

IBILI - White Egg Plate 18 CM

Today in Amazon for € 13.70

UTOPIA Kitchen Round Cast Iron Pan with Handle, 26 cm

Today in Amazon for € 11.99

CHEFMADE Baking Tray with Rack Rectangular Steel Baking Fountain Shelves 34 x 24 cm 13 Inch Non-Stick Baking Carbon Steel Champagne Gold Color

Today in Amazon for € 16.59

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