Our olive oil to conquer the Indian market

Since last December 13, and by the Interprofessional Olive Oils of Spain, the most important promotion campaign carried out in the markets outside the European Union of our “liquid gold” has begun.

India will be the main objective of this campaign This country is considered one of the most dynamic economies in the world with a growing middle class population, already close to 100 million people, and eager to try new products and enjoy different dining experiences.

So, and under the motto “Join the Olive Oils Revolution”, it is intended that these new consumers know through the olive oil the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and in the future can include them in their traditional cuisine getting a healthier and tasty diet.

Spain is the main olive oil supplier country in India and sales leader in all emerging markets. That is why the Interprofessional wants to carry out a campaign that will be based mainly on television advertisements, in a first phase more than four thousand spots, but also at the press level, either in the main newspapers or in magazines aimed at the female audience.

But the promotion of our oil will not stay here, for that too an attempt will be made to reach the consumer directly through tastings and tastings in shopping centers and supermarkets in the main cities of the country, focusing on one of its main messages, the healthy aspect of our olive oil, in a country like India where cardiovascular and metabolic diseases grow at a alarming rhythm

Will our olive oil get to India to stay in their kitchens?

Video: Olive Oil Tariff - Joseph R. Profaci, Executive Director, North American Olive Oil Association (February 2020).