#Donatuplate for World Food Day

Today is celebrated on World Food Day and there are many ways to make this not another day of the week. I liked the initiative of the NGO Askora under the motto and the hashtag #donatuplato, in which they promised to donate to Cáritas a plate of food for each empty plate that will be published on Instagram under that hashtag.

World Food Day is celebrated on October 16 of each year since 1979, when proclaimed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, better known by its acronym FAO. In fact, the day coincides with that of the foundation of this organization, which dates back there by 1945.

Every year, World Food Day is about a different topic, being this time sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition, that is to say, to look for solutions for crops that are viable in the long term, without sacrificing natural resources or putting our health at risk, and that allow to supply the world population. It doesn't seem easy, nor is it.

Although surely there are many other initiatives for this important day, I liked this one, bringing my little empty plate - although the 3,500 that had been proposed as a goal and limit have already been exceeded - but that at least serves to make it known that it is a problem that concerns us all.