The gourmet fortnight of Trendencias Lifestyle (II)

Wednesday, in the middle of what for many must be the first working week after the holidays. Luckily it's here the gourmet fortnight of Trendencias Lifestyle to give us energy with its easy and appetizing recipes and recommendations for restaurants, coffee shops and new products.

To start the day hard, nothing like good American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. With such a breakfast, you eat the world. Then at noon we can eat something cooler and lighter, like this peach and walnut salad with yogurt sauce. In the afternoon, with friends, we can snack on something like this amazing crab and mustard dip.

But of course, besides eating, you also have to drink in this life, and if we are with friends, we will have to offer them something special, whether for example the new Absolut Vodka flavored designs or, speaking of design, the coolest Tetra Brik wine on the market: Comon Sava. And if we don't want to stay at home, we can walk (virtually) to Don Café, a designer coffee bar in the heart of Kosovo.

We don't stop traveling because now we go to the Santa Cruz restaurant in Mexico, where they serve some hamburgers so cool you won't want to eat them. Also in Mexico we can enjoy the macarons of Theurel & Thomas and its French savoir fair, although the sweets of Doce, the most creative and original of Santiago de Compostela, are not left behind. On the way back home we can enjoy a very cozy Japanese tavern in the center of Madrid, which does not always need to go to the Japanese country to enjoy its good food.