Weekly menu from July 1 to 7

Summer has finally shown itself in all its splendor with this heat wave that is still expected to stay with us for a few days. The suffocation will get better or worse if you are on vacation or not, but there is no doubt that we all have to continue planning our menus during these days. It is important not to neglect the power when the heat is squeezed, so I invite you to review the weekly menu to freshen up a bit with ideas and recipes.

The keys to preparing recipes during the summer is to use seasonal products that are light and refreshing, bet on more temperate or cold dishes, nutritionally complete but without being forceful, and that are appetizing. Although we fancy lighter meals we cannot forget that they have to give us enough energy to face the long summer days.

We start our menu, of course, with some light recipes full of fresh produce. Salads and savory cakes are a very versatile world as we can turn them into complete unique dishes, light dinners, side dishes or takeaway meals and enjoy outdoors. In our proposals this week we have ingredients for all tastes.

For the main courses We have first of all a pasta recipe with an original tomato sauce and dark chocolate. To avoid wasting food scraps, we have also seen an excellent idea of ​​use with a rich eggplant stuffed with chicken with Thermomix, and as a side dish we propose some fantastic buttered potatoes. In addition, for fish lovers, our guest firm has taught us how to make a typical Chilean dish, the chiba de jaiba.

At sweet section we find two fantastic cakes, an irresistible Black Forest with candied cherries and a refreshing and seductive cheesecake and Greek yogurt. In addition, for breakfast or snack we can prepare the delicious muffins of dulce de leche, and as a proposal to surprise To the guests, we have an original recipe of Yolado Cordobés.

Our menu does not end with recipes, since last week has given for much more in our kitchens. We have met at cherries in several dishes but, do you know how to distinguish cherries from pillory? In addition, we teach you to make a delicious jam with this fruit. Also, in our space Sundãri kitchen We discovered the secrets of cooking Chinese-style rice and getting it loose. Finally, we have visited the Flash Flash Restaurant in Madrid, and we have known a fun recipe book ideal for cooking with children.

And so far our review of the weekly menu of the first days of July. I hope that we have given you many ideas to plan your meals during the next few days, and I hope to see you next Monday with a new delivery of the weekly menu to know new proposals with which to take better these summer days.