Fine pie with caramelized scallions and goat cheese. Recipe

Today I bring you a simple Thin caramelized onion and goat cheese pie with a crispy brick pasta base, ideal to enjoy at a dinner or snack meal. The brick paste is very versatile and serves us both to make some bags, samosas, or as in this case the base for this cake that also, when going to the oven, we do not add as much fat as it happens when it is fried.

Ideally, prepare it in a detachable mold so that when removing and serving it, the small flyers that form the dough in the oven are not broken, but if you do not have it, you can make it flat on a tray lined with sulfurized paper directly.

Ingredients for a cake pan twenty three centimeters in diameter

  • 8 brick leaves, 3 scallions, 1 large goat cheese curl 4 centimeters thick, 25 g raw pistachios, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon sugar, salt, pepper, a dash of olive oil, thyme on the branch .

How to make caramelized scallion and goat cheese thin pie

We will begin preheating the oven to 180 degrees. Then we chop the chives in rings and sauté them for a few minutes in a pan with a splash of oil, until we see them begin to brown. Pepper and add the sugar over them, allowing them to caramelicen for five minutes. Remove and let cool.

Then we extend the brick paste sheets at the base of the mold, separating them from each other to form a small flywheel. We spread the scallion throughout the surface, then the sliced ​​goat cheese, pistachios and finally a drizzle of olive oil. We paint the protruding edges of dough with the beaten egg yolk

We bake for twenty minutes or until we see the melted cheese and the golden brick dough. Decorate at the exit of the oven with thyme on the branch or our favorite fresh aromatic herb.

Processing time | 30 minutes Difficulty | Easy


The Thin caramelized onion and goat cheese pie you should take warm so that the cheese stays melted and shows us all its flavor, although if it is left over you should not overheat it because the brick mass would lose its crunchy touch, so in this case it is better to take it at room temperature. The strong taste of goat cheese along with the sweetness of the scallions and the crispy pistachios make it an irresistible combination.

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