If you stay hungry Eat up to the spoon!

I love to cook but what I hate the most afterwards is picking up and, above all, scrubbing that junk that I always have when I finish the meal, so as a little friend of this work I have been struck by these edible cutlery, specifically teaspoons, that you can eat without problems after finishing using them.

The company that manufactures them does it with a more ecological than gastronomic vision, because it puts us on the balance of the one hand the process of decomposition of a plastic teaspoon that can be at least twenty years at least if it is not recycled, versus to its ecological spoon, 100% biodegradable and perfectly edible in its entirety, but then incredibly they pack them in a plastic bag.

The Triangle Tree spoons are made from cornmeal, wheat flour, eggs, skim milk, sugar, salt and spices. In addition they are manufactured in three types of flavors, according to the food that we destine them, so we find some more simple or bland, of neutral flavor and that combine well with any meal, but there is also the spicy version to give a point of flavor to any salty dish or the sweet version to accompany for example some cereals.

In addition, to facilitate their consumption, they bring some recorded notches where it will be easier to break the teaspoons Once we have finished the meal. Personally, it seems to me an original idea for a country or beach meal rather than having them at home, but I also wonder if they will not disarm at mid-lunch when you use them with something hot for example. We will have to wait for them to sell them in our country to check it out, so for now I think that even if they are having a picnic, I will have to keep scrubbing.

Video: Gumball. The Spoon clip. Cartoon Network (February 2020).