Chocolate biscuits with siphon foams. Microwave recipe

Today we are going to prepare some chocolate biscuits with siphon foams in the microwave. This recipe has two attractions in my opinion. On the one hand, it is done in a periquete, since baking is done in just 50 seconds. On the other hand it is a way to give more use to that siphon we have at home and use very little.

further to make these buns we will not stain many pots. Only the bowl where we mix the ingredients, the fine strainer and a funnel, since the biscuits are going to bake them in disposable plastic cups. You won't tell me it's not great.

Ingredients for 8 individual biscuits

  • 100 gr of cover chocolate, a splash of milk, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 120 gr. of flour, an envelope of chemical yeast, 3 eggs plus two egg whites and 2 loads of siphon. Icing sugar to decorate

How to make a chocolate sponge cake in a siphon of foams

We start preparing the mixture or dough of our cake. On the one hand, we melt the chocolate with the milk in the microwave. Meanwhile, we put the rest of the ingredients in the blender glass, turbine until they are well mixed. Then, in the same glass we add the molten chocolate and work it until obtaining a fine and homogeneous dough.

We filter the dough fine strainer aids to avoid that some lump of flour could clog the valve of our siphon of foams, and we filled it through the funnel. Just in case there is a bubble, let the dough rest inside the siphon for an hour inside the fridge.

We put two gas charges in the siphon and we shake it well. With scissors, we make some cuts or holes in the base of the plastic cups and fill them up to a third of their capacity. We bake them one by one in the microwave for 50 seconds at maximum power.

The result is a very soft and spongy cake, but with the shape of the glass. As it is not very colorful, we cut it into slices to make it more attractive and splash with a little icing sugar so that its appearance is in accordance with the Christmas dates.

Processing time | 5 minutes more rest Difficulty | Very easy


This chocolate sponge cake in siphon of foams It is great to have with breakfast or snack. If we have the dough ready in the siphon, it will take less time to bake it than to prepare the coffee and heat the milk. If you feel like it, you can accompany it with a spoonful of jam.

Well, yes, your cake looks good, worthy of kings, or better, princes. Why 'The prince'is the name of a cocktail that is great for this dessert. Made from an espresso, 3 cl. of cognac, 1 cl. Angostura and 2 cl. of fresh cream, its slightly bitter taste contrasts with the sweetness of the cake.Enter all the ingredients together with ice in a shaker and shake vigorously with short movements. With a strainer, serve the drink in a cocktail glass and decorate it with chocolate chips. To make the espresso look perfect, you can use one of Philips Saeco coffee machines. You may decide to tell us about your experience as a prince or princess so that we can include it in our Coffee Scented Stories.

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