How to make Halloween sweet brooms

We have two options when it comes to doing things for Halloween. Well, probably many more options, the two that I mean is to make brooms. The salty ones, which you already know can be done with salty sticks and cheese for the broom or, the option I have made today, the Halloween sweet brooms.


  • Sweet sticks coated with chocolate and red or black licorice.

How to make Halloween sweet brooms

To make them sweet brooms What you really have to do is look for things that can be substitutes or similar to the real ones, but in an edible and sweet version.

For example, we can use some sticks like the Mikado that I used, or even some lifelong sticks. For broom hairs, licorice, I think, is the best option. But licorice of this that is well divided into the different threads that form it.

That is what we will do, we will divide the licorice, cut it proportionally to the size of a broom and tie it with the licorice itself. Before squeezing completely we put a stick and we finished squeezing.

Processing time | 10 minutes Difficulty | Easy


As I said, to make this type of Halloween recipes all we have to think about is real objects and see how we can make them look like edible ingredients. I hope the Halloween sweet brooms You have been entertained.

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