Tex-Mex hamburger recipe with guacamole

Yesterday at noon we cooked a Tex-mex hamburger recipe with guacamole, which combined the typical ranchero flavor of grilled meat with the softness of rustic-style guacamole and the spicy touch of jalapeños and chili, which brought different flavors to the classic hamburger.

When preparing hamburgers at home, we can mix some ingredients with the minced meat, and so we get their flavors integrated into the hamburger, providing much more aroma and nuances.

Ingredients for 3 people

  • For the guacamole: an avocado, a tomato, a quarter of onion, chopped cilantro, half a lemon and salt
  • For hamburgers: 400 gr of minced beef, 2 jalapeños, a tablespoon of old mustard, the pulp of a chili pepper rehydrated pasilla, 100 gr of Galician tetilla cheese, lettuce, salt, pepper and hamburger rolls

How to make Tex-Mex burger with guacamole

To prepare the rustic guacamole, we mix in a bowl an avocado chopped into pieces, with a peeled and chopped tomato and a quarter of finely chopped onion, and stir it well, without turning it into a uniform paste, but letting the different ingredients be seen. Add the chopped cilantro and a good stream of lemon juice and let stand covered.

To make the hamburgers, we mix the beef with the chopped jalapeños and add the meat of a rehydrated chili pepper. I used some pasilla peppers, I buy dry, and they are not very spicy. After working the ingredients for a while, we add salt to taste and if you want, a tablespoon of mustard, mix well and form the hamburgers.

On the hot grill, let them be made to the desired point. The usual trick or recommendation is not to move the burgers a lot, letting them be done for a few five minutes on each side if they are large, or four if they are medium, to the point. These times you adapt to your taste and the size of hamburgers you are cooking.

When you have already turned them around and only a couple of minutes remain, we put the cheese on the meat, so that it melts while the meat is ready. In the absence of typical Mexican cheese, the Oaxaca cheese, I used some slices of Galician tetilla cheese that is very creamy and great to melt.

Toast the hamburger buns, and put some lettuce leaves on the bread below, on them we place the hamburger with the cheese and on it, we put a good stick of our guacamole. The mixture is great and is juicy enough, although of course, you can season it with ketchup, barbecue sauce, and mustard according to your tastes.

Processing time | 30 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


As is tradition, you can accompany the burgers of fries or roasted potatoes. The avocado flavor considerably softens the spicy jalapeños and chili, which nevertheless give a very interesting flavor to the Tex-mex hamburger recipe with guacamole. I hope you like it as much as we do at home.