Boxal, fully biodegradable picnic bags

With the good weather, the desire to go out for a picnic multiply. To the countryside, to the beach or even to some park or garden of our city, the case is to leave home and give us the sun and fresh air.

Before, our mothers wore their wicker baskets with checkered tablecloths and even cutlery and crockery. In my house we carried reusable plastic cups, plates and cutlery, those of a lifetime campsite, but today all this has been replaced by disposable plastic utensils, which is a problem for the environment.

In Three Blind Arts, a team of creatives concerned with sustainability, they have devised Boxal, fully biodegradable picnic bags which contain everything necessary for four people to enjoy agape comfortably; Trays, glasses, cutlery, plates, napkins ... of everything we go, and also with a striking design - especially the outside of the case - that will not go unnoticed.

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