Stackable dishes to order the kitchens

It is inevitable to see any kitchen utensils or in this case these stackable plates and not thinking immediately about the cooking disaster I have (many times). Some time ago I bought some things that were used to keep the plates stacked, the point is that I keep the dishes in a drawer instead of a shelf, so every time I open it they move, and in this case I must say that I don't find it Very useful what I have.

These dishes correspond to the design Stackable Oven-to-Table Cookware That is something like some plates that take less place to be stackable and also serve both to store food in the fridge and to cook them in the oven and then take them to the table since they have silicone legs.

There are several sizes and the price therefore varies between 39.50 euros and 95 of the most expensive. Yes, they also seem to me to be a pass, of design and price.