Orb mortar, it wasn't all invented

Used to see in all the kitchens that I have stepped on, and if it has been missing in some I myself have bought it, the classic yellow mortar, with green spots on the sides, or in my grandmother's kitchen a stone mortar quite great, that whenever I go to his house he runs the risk of getting lost, it gave me the feeling that on the subject mortars Everything was already invented.

But this new design called Orb that the Joseph Joseph house has commissioned the Morph Design Studio, has managed to see that, young designers also think of kitchen fans that we are still convinced that doing the pestle in mortar, our dishes are richer and, in that sometimes a yellow and green mortar clashes enormously with the odd kitchen.

He Orb mortar It is designed for large and small quantities since its lid can also be used as a container and ground in it. Being also the hand, the mortar and the lid of vitrified porcelain, resistant and suitable for the dishwasher. It costs £ 30 and is for sale in the online store, although I think they do not distribute outside the UK.