The menu of the day to analysis

The other day I was reading the newspaper and I saw a very interesting news that concerns everyone who eats acquaintances away menus of the day. This information echoed a study by Eroski Consumer magazine and its dietary analysis of the menus of the day.

And is that most restaurants have suspended in quality diet of their dishes, according to this report. To carry out this research, 160 restaurants from 18 Spanish cities have been analyzed.

The researchers visited the restaurants, asked for a table and ate. Later a group of nutritionists valued these menus according to their diversity, their nutritional value and their composition.

Notably Madrid leaves quite badly, since fifteen of the establishments analyzed are in the capital. Three suspended, nine approved by the hairs and other three achieved a good.

In the first courses vegetables and salads are missing; legumes are scarce and calories and cholesterol are the protagonists. It is not strange to find many sauces, breaded and battered.

Regarding the seconds, this research shows that the side dishes are still fries or lettuce alone. And the fish option is null, although in Madrid 14 of the 15 locations studied do offer it.

At dessert more dairy and fruits should be offered, but what is most offered are the desserts of the house, which abuse fats and sugar.

As a summary they add that there is an excess of salt, there is no whole wheat bread and customers with special needs such as celiac or diabeticThey don't find alternatives easily.