A recyclable cardboard ham holder

Who does not sigh because they give him a ham? well, maybe the sigh is a bit of an exaggeration, but you feel like it. And of course, when this happens we go back home hugging each other and wanting to try it, but we discover that we need a base where we can cut it decently, come on, a ham holder where you rest while we do the manicure.

Then we go to the DIY store, where they always have one on offer and we return home, already intensely embraced with ham and ham, the two novelties of the day. Once our romance with the Ham leg, it is time to be honest with the aforementioned ham and ask that our relationship has come to an end. Storage meat

Until now, these gadgets so necessary in these circumstances were quite cumbersome and difficult to locate once their function was finished, but now they are manufactured recyclable cardboard ham holders of a single use, so once they reach the bone, we just have to discard the cardboard and continue with our life.

They are sold in lots with a price of around three euros, depending on the number of units. From now on, when they give us a ham, it may come with their folding and recyclable ham holder Incorporated.