Electric boiler for cooking eggs

Technology once again at the service of all of us, especially those who do not have time and especially those who do not know how to cook. We have already indicated several steps, keys and the "hows" about cooking eggs (you can review all the classes at the end of this post). Today we present a cooking machine to cook eggs. Is called Electric Egg Boiler. It's like a super egg that allows you to cook up to seven eggs at a time.

With that ability, not only does it serve single people who don't know how to cook, it's also perfect for large families that don't have much time. Not only bake seven eggs, also has the frying option other three. Fried eggs with potatoes for everyone!

Boiling can be done at two levels, up to 10 minutes for the softest and 15 minutes for hard boiled eggs. The dish is removable and quite small, 183 x 160 x 190 mm. Will this machine be able to occupy a privileged place in the kitchen or will it be banished to a corner or will we give it to someone as a last resort?

Video: EGG COOKER Testing. westturn Electric Boiler Steamer Poacher 3312. Trending India (November 2019).