The MasterChef Celebrity semifinal leaves us with four strong rivals for their latest show (in which we hope to see some cooking)

MasterChef Celebrity reaches its semifinal in a very special program in which the applicants have received letters from their loved ones, traveled on the luxurious Al Andalus train and have been beaten in duels in pairs in the final elimination test. All this seasoned with the favorite seasonings of the program, a lot of show, laughs, cries, anger, shouts, drama and the presence of great chefs in each of their tests.

Of the 14 contestants with whom the program weeks ago kicked off, five have reached the semifinal. Mario Vaquerizo, Boris Izaguirre, Antonia Dell'Atte, Ona Carbonell and Paz Vega have been the protagonists of the night, but only four of them will see their faces in the final of the third edition of MasterChef Celebrity, which will be held next Sunday, November 18, at 10 pm on TVE's 1.

Five different ways to cook a sweet oxtail stew

The fight for the places in the final has started with a first test in which the candidates have had to cooking a oxtail stew in five different ways, five different textures and plating, and using haute cuisine techniques. To inspire and support them, they have received the visit of chef Juan Mari Arzak (three Michelin stars), who for years have not taken away the desire to flirt with Paz Vega.

Live to the PaladarRabo de toro a la cordobesa casserole. Traditional simmered recipe

The classic surprise encounter with the family and friends of the contestants was repeated once again. The guests tried all the dishes cooked by the contestants, ** valued and voted their favorites **, but without knowing who had cooked each one. Too bad that MasterChef did not show what each elaboration consisted of, perhaps we could have learned a little cooking with this test in which Antonia Dell'Atte won, followed by Mario Vaquerizo.

An outdoor test with a lot of chicha: play a menu of Dani García on the luxury train Al Andalus

After the praises received by the judges, who qualified all the aspirants of "some semifinalists of MasterChef more than worthy", arrives the most complicated moment of all programs: the outdoor test. And it is that cooking off the set has its own and if it is in the kitchen of the luxury train Al Andalus, even more.

Dani García is the chef (two Michelin stars) who sponsors this event and is presented with a complete menu that applicants have to reproduce to the tran tran and the rattle of the train, in a kitchen quite "recogidita". But the desire to win a place in the final, the winner of this test gets a direct pass, keep the staff surprisingly motivated.

At the Ronda train station, applicants embark on board one of the most luxurious tourist trains in the world. They competed in a single team and they cooked for 30 of the best chefs in all of Andalusia, on board and with the train running. In cooking, the applicants used some of the most tasty products on earth such as avocados from the Axarquía, horse mackerel from Estepona or organic eggs from the Sierra de las Nieves that have the Flavor of Malaga stamp.

And what was Dani García's menu that the applicants had to cook? As a starter a cilantro gazpacho with cured horse mackerel ceviche, which Paz Vega dealt with almost entirely, with Dell'Atte as the person in charge of cleaning (sorry, of destroying) the fish. Despite the destruction, the dish receives good reviews from the guests. Too bad I could not learn, again, to elaborate it.

He was followed by a pine nut, king crab and ajoblanco risotto, which was criticized for the lack of balance of its components. Too much pasta and little crab, Jordi said. At least it came out on time, hot and without dramas. Less fortunate was the tartare of veal chop with tail consommé to which it had to be renamed as tartare of cutlet and cream of mushrooms and eel after checking that the consommé had become soup.

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The golden brooch on the menu was set for dessert, a Basil, pear and crispy butter flan Ona Carbonell took care of it from beginning to end without receiving any help from her classmates. We were not surprised that the judges named her winner of the test and went on to qualify directly as a finalist for MasterChef Celebrity 3. Ona allocated the € 4,000 prize to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation of India.

An elimination test duels and in pairs under the watchful eye of Joan Roca

Back to the classics in the MasterChef Celebrity 3 semifinal elimination test with the test of duels in pairs which starts with a bis a bis by Mario Vaquerizo and Boris Izaguirre. At the rhythm of Mecano and his "Woman vs. Woman", the songs soon become angry when Boris confronts the scale and his weighings become nightmares.

The first duel, in which you had to cook lobster in cocktail sauce ravioli in 30 minutes, ended with the victory of Vaquerizo and its classification for the final of the program. In the second round the Venezuelan had to cook angulas to the San Sebastian with infused mushroom consommé and poached quail eggs against Antonia in only 20 minutes. Boris again stayed out and it was Dell'Atte who went on to the final.

Live to the PaladarLubina to the Donostiarra: traditional recipe without complications

Unfortunately, the third opportunity of Izaguirre was a new failure. Paz Vega and he had to cook some caviar fritters that the Sevillian embroidered and that his opponent, again fought with the scaleThey were raw. The jury decided that Paz was the fourth finalist of MasterChef Celebrity, joining Vaquerizo, Antonia and Ona.

Finally, at the end of the program, we were able to learn some cooking. Little, but less gives a stone. And it is that during this last duel the judges reviewed the recipe for caviar frittersEnjoy the restaurant, and they gave us a joy with which to say goodbye until next week. Here it goes.

Heat plenty of oil in a saucepan. Mix 350 g of water, 500 g of flour, 350 d of egg, 24 g of honey, 24 g of sugar and salt. Go through a fine strainer and fill a siphon. Fill half of a serving bowl with the siphon mixture, cover with a layer of caviar, fill with more dough until it reaches the edge and dip the serving bowl in the hot oil. The donut will detach from the saucepan, swelling and cooking inside. Flip to brown on both sides, remove, drain and serve.

Update: After this article was published, RTVE has notified a change in the date of celebration of the MasterChef Celebrity 3 final, being postponed until November 25 at 10 pm.

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