Scallop shell with leek and prawns

Another new recipe in the section "Of your Palate", where our readers send us the recipes they want to be published in Direct to the Palate.

Today, we have received this magnificent "Scallop shell with leek and prawns" that Astrid sends us from Barcelona.

It's about filling one of those scallop shells with a leek and shrimp cake. Let's see.

The ingredients

One scallop shell per person, 4 leeks, 4 large prawns or 6 prawns, vegetable stock (a large cup), flour, salt and milk for the béchamel, 1 tablespoon filled with margarine or butter, frozen or fresh puff pastry, and a Egg to paint the puff pastry.

The preparation

First, you have to clean the leeks very well. Cut them in half and then make a cut along, you turn it and give it a cut again. Then you cut to the width that is rather finite.

In a pan or casserole, melt the soup spoon filled with margarine and put the leek on top. Simmer stir. It takes patience above all so that it doesn't hit us because it would take on a bitter taste. After about 10 minutes we are pouring vegetable broth (if we see that it will hit us before that time). We let it 'cook' in the broth and we add until they have cooked for another 10 minutes. Then we add 2 tablespoons of flour. Stir well and add milk as a large cup. We salted or put half a pill of those broth. We let everything come together and cook another 15 minutes. We test to check that the leek is fully cooked (it is very hard). We add the chopped prawns. We let temper.

With a teaspoon we fill the shells taking into account that you have to put the puff pastry on top. We put the puff pastry that we have punctured before with a fork and with a knife we ​​cut the edges seeing that they are well glued. Brush with egg. We put in the preheated oven at 180º - 200º until we see it golden brown (if we are not going to consume them, they can be frozen without brushing them).


The scallop shells (alone, without mollusk) can be found in different establishments (supermarkets, fishmongers). In addition, they are multipurpose, once tasted the dish can be washed to save until next time. Recycling, ladies and gentlemen.

I can not tell you how you know, because for now we have not tried to make them at home, but ... They will not deny me that they look great!

Video: Scallop Gratin with Leek Confit - By (February 2020).