Pate deer liver, a new gourmet delicacy

We have already been able to try the new pate that we announced to be presented shortly, it is the deer liver pate, a high quality product that offers a very soft and creamy texture with an intense and suggestive flavor.

It is a different product that captivates the palate and will undoubtedly be very well received by lovers of delicatessen products. We have tasted it on a fine toast accompanied by a fruity red wine (although it sounds crazy, we have also tried it with a drizzle of honey and it is delicious), a snack that has been a pleasure. The company responsible for its creation has been Venison Derr, the first company in Spain dedicated to the raising of the deer and the commercialization of the different products that can be obtained from it, sausages, meats, beef jerky and now also pates. At the moment, it is only marketed in the Hespen and Suarez delicatessen chain and very recently, so we cannot find this product on its website.

Surely it will not take long for us to find the deer liver pate in any delicatessen store worth its salt.

Video: Deer Liver Delicacy (November 2019).