A camera in the kitchen of the great chefs

Today I found in Cocinalia a note about Stephanie Fraisse, a French photographer who among her works has a series of photographs taken in 2004 that capture moments in the kitchen of great chefs. Like the photo that accompanies this entry from the kitchen of Michel Bras.

The photos are in black and white and the complete Grand Chefs gallery is worth seeing.

On the artist's page there are also two other series linked to gastronomy, Pizzaioli Napolitains, a report in tribute to the true Neapolitan pizza, made between 2003 and 2005 and Tokyo Sobaya, a series of portraits made in the best sobaya in Tokyo in 2005. Sobaya is the name given to traditional places where soba is made (fine noodles used in Japanese cuisine made with buckwheat flour).

Video: Celebrity Chefs Who Completely Lost It On Camera (February 2020).