The Masonic Kitchen

A very curious book, at least, that we just met is The Masonic Kitchen in which we are told the masonry feeding guidelines. José Juan Iglesias del Castillo, the author, proposes a gastronomic philosophy based on a series of ecological, esoteric and physiological criteria that return their original magical character to food. Divided into 8 chapters we can find: The mason cook, Menus for Masonic parties, Meat dishes of Masonic cuisine, Masonic cuisine starters, Seafood and fish dishes from the kitchen, Masonic cuisine desserts, Table rituals in Freemasonry Y Esoteric food symbolism.

For all those who are curious you can buy it on paper at a price of 59 euros, but it can also be purchased online and in pdf format at the price of 7 euros.

Video: Scottish Rite Masonic Center Tours (November 2019).