Corumbel Vintage 1965, spray wine vinegar

One of the vinegars that we could taste in the XXI International Salon of the Gourmets Club was the one offered by Bodegas Rubio, it is about Corumbel Vintage 1965, a wine vinegar spray.

It is a particularly select vinegar with Denomination of Origin Condado de Huelva, noted for its flavor thanks to the aging suffered in the oak wood of the boot that contained it and the grape variety used for its preparation, Zalema.

Another special feature in the presentation of the vinegar is that it is in a beautiful glass bottle with sprayer included, being very comfortable using the spray to dress the salad.

You can find the vinegar in question in any gourmet store and delicatessen products for a price around 6 euros. At the moment the winery that makes the vinegar does not have the website updated, but soon you will be able to access all the information related to your product.