Is growing the love of wine in Korea for a comic?

According to a small note prepared by ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade), wine is increasingly a beverage consumed in Korea, from 2002 to the present day, its consumption has experienced almost 70% increase.

The reason that ICEX provides and also nominates as principal, is that The wine has gained popularity thanks to a Japanese comic (manga, mahnwa) called Drops from God (drops of God). Apparently, the comic tells the story of a man looking for the best wine in the world (In search of the lost ark go), the note also indicates that especially businessmen are the ones who have been most passionate. The great Spanish wineries already know, the best cover letter for their wines is a comic, it is not necessary to make promotions or trips to the Far East offering the benefits of the wines. Hire a good cartoonist of Japanese comics and start making stories like "after philosophical wine."

Anyway, this news has long been circulating on the network, perhaps the source has learned now.

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