Hongyang Kiwi, the red kiwi

In China they have no less than 66 varieties of different kiwis, most are exclusive to that country and is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, some great Chinese poets of ancient times already mentioned this fruit as a real delicacy for the palate.

Through a hint of a Direct to Palate reader we have known a variety of very striking kiwi because of the red color that it presents in the center of the fruit. Red kiwi is beginning to be introduced in Europe, currently 20 countries want to introduce this new variety to the market. Red Kiwi or Hongyang Kiwi It is originally from the province of Sicuani (China), it has healthy and exceptional nutritional properties, it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and various vitamins. On the palate it gives a bittersweet taste that makes it especially attractive.

Everything indicates that in a short period of time we can enjoy this new variety of kiwi, the classics we love, not so much the Gold (yellow) variety, we will see how this is, for us, new variety. Have you tried red kiwi yet?

Thanks for the information Sergio M.R.

Video: 迁徙的鸟 (February 2020).