The Roscón de Reyes de Camas, the largest roscón de Reyes in the world

With a length of 150 linear meters and more than 1,300 kilos of weight and in which 450 kilos of flour, 45 kilos of eggs, 80 of sugar, 40 of butter and 150 kilos of candied fruit have been used, as well as 550 liters of whipped cream, matalauva, orange blossom water, sesame and 8,000 surprise figurines hidden inside, the Roscón de Reyes de Camas (Seville) is also designated as the largest roscón de Reyes in the world. As we have already informed you here, several locations are those that make giant roscones every year in search of the record, which as long as it is not officially recognized, for all of them it is the largest.

On Saturday the 5th and for the fourth consecutive year in the Plaza de la Constitución de Camas this festive snack was held to which more than a thousand people attended. Once again, Nazario Velázquez, has been the master pastry chef in charge of preparing the sweet supported by seven people whose elaboration was done for three days.