Godiva chocolates, exquisite snacks

We already know that to enjoy chocolate it does not have to be a special day, but it is on these dates when on many occasions you want to give a detail that often ends in a “Red Box” or in some more appreciated “Ferrero Rocher”.

But if you want to surprise with chocolate delights, you are sure to be right if you enter Cel-Ros, or go to their store located in Balmes street, 147 of Barcelona, ​​where you will find a wide assortment of delicious Godiva chocolates. They are high quality Belgian chocolates made from 100% cocoa butter, without vegetable fats. In addition the fillings and ingredients that add to the chocolates are exquisite, marzipan, creams, etc., they are made in a traditional way.

In addition to assortments for any occasion, they offer special details for a new mom, a wedding or corporate gifts. Chocolate is a pleasure for almost everyone, so you have no excuse to taste these delicious chocolates, truffles and chocolates. When you try them, you'll tell us.

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