Fruit chips

When you have an appetite between hours, many times you turn to unhealthy products, it is not always about not having a healthy food on hand, sometimes the body asks for different textures or flavors.

The fruit chips They are a good option to avoid the temptation of, for example, a bag of chips, as it is a crispy treat that also provides vitamins, which makes these chips a healthy pica-pica.

The Evicro house offers a range of certified organic farming fruit chips. The manufacturing process is carried out by dehydration by freezing under vacuum (lyophilization), without adding any additives, but maintaining the maximum vitamins, minerals and aromas of the fruit.

In addition to being able to consume them as is, they are ideal to add to cereals, yogurt, etc.

Pineapple, mango, banana ... there are flavors for all tastes, which do you prefer?

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