Pasta and rice

Pasta and rice It is an ideal book to know the various forms and combinations that we can make with ingredients as basic as pasta or rice. The book provides succulent recipes made with one of these two ingredients as a base and conjugate with fish, vegetables or meat.

We can also access different recipes only seasoned with spices or aromatic herbs, the latter are the ones we liked the most. With an appropriate combination of spices we provide rice or pasta with original, rich and innovative flavors that delight the palate. The book is designed to be a reason for consultation throughout the year, since it combines the different products of each season with pasta and rice. A total of 128 pages will give us great knowledge about these two basic and traditional foods of the Mediterranean diet. You can buy it online for about 17 euros.

Video: Rice-Ah-Roni - Rice and Pasta Pilaf Side Dish Recipe (November 2019).