FruitFast, another way to eat fruit.

Experts advise us that it would be convenient to eat five pieces of fruit a day, however, because of the pace of life that we lead, we can rarely do so. With the desire to correct this deficiency, the bars are born FuitFast as another way to eat fruit. The company assures us that they are one hundred percent natural and free of fats, which only contributes 100 calories being very rich in fiber, vitamin C and anthocyanins, natural compounds beneficial to health.

They are produced using food processing technology developed by scientists from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in California, which also allows you to enjoy fruits that are not in season. They guarantee that the flavor is the same as that of the natural fruit, so we no longer have an apology to enjoy the flavor and nutritional value of the fruits. Take one or two bars in your bag, in the boys' briefcase or in your backpack and eat when the body asks you to.