Whiskey, with or without water?

To know the qualities of a certain whishy we must use some special glasses that are narrowed by the top similar to the ball cups and pour a bit of liquor in it, then we will move the glass between the palms of the hand so that the aromas and the Taste invade the entire cup.

This is how experts advise to make a whiskey tasting. On the other hand, there are those who reduce it with a little water since whiskey can have a high intensity and a high degree of distillate inhibiting their taste buds and in this way they can find much better taste and quality.

When it comes to a single malt, they recommend filling the glass or cup halfway with water and then emptying it. Then, when we fill the single malt, it will mix with the remains of water softening it a bit.

We prefer it alone, mixing it with water is not to our liking, how about you? whiskey, with or without water?

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