What Einstein told his cook

The books that allow us to advance in the kitchen, are not only those of recipes, nor the manuals (although in this genre there are some of my favorite books such as La Teca or De re Cibaría).

There are other very interesting genres, and one of them is the one that relates science to cooking.

There are several examples, but today I recommend the last one I read this holiday, it's called "What Einstein told his cook" by Robert L. Wolke.

In this book, the author explains in a very entertaining and understandable way the reason for many things that happen in the kitchen from the point of view of physics and chemistry, the industrial process of some ingredients, some myths and fallacies of cooking and many other curiosities.

In addition, some explanations are accompanied by recipes that are based on any of the principles set forth by the author. A good book to read these last days of vacation.

Video: What Einstein Told His Cook (November 2019).