Five kitchen tools that have few people and are much more useful than it seems

There are a number of tools that are essential in any kitchen. We talk, of course, about good knives, a cutting board, or a set of pans as God commands. But, beyond basic utensils, in the stores we find hundreds of pots that many times we are not sure if they are really necessary or will only occupy the little space that we have left in the kitchen.

Let's not fool ourselves, you are second level tools They are not strictly necessary, and perhaps you did not even know about their existence, but if you cannot live the evidence without them. And none is especially expensive.

1. Splash shield

This pot the useful sea should be in every house. Of course, pans have their own lids, but no pans. This screen it's perfect for frying or make tomato sauces, to name two preparations that usually leave the kitchen lost.

It is sold in multiple models, such as this one of silicone, for only 14.33 euros, or this one of Le Creuset, of stainless steel, for 35.82 euros.

2. Stone to make pizzas

This stone is put in the oven, heated, and makes the pizzas much crunchier. It seems like a bullshit, but the difference between making pizzas with or without it is truly remarkable: even precooked pizzas taste better if they are cooked in the stone.

There are numerous models. This Ibili brand has a price of 17.20 euros and is more than enough, but this Benehacks, although it is more expensive (costs 36.99 euros on Amazon) also includes a shovel to extract the pizza from the oven.

3. Rest spoons

When cooking we always have in hand a spoon or spatula with which we remove the stews: tool that we just left on the countertop leaving everything dirty.

Well, there is a pot called “spoon rest” that serves to support the tool while cooking and not stain anything. There are several models, but this silicone for only 8.99 euros seems most advisable. This stainless steel Kerafactum is more expensive (13.90 euros on Amazon), but more elegant.

4. Countertop scraper

This gossip is the sea of ​​useful and almost nobody has it. It is a kind of spatula designed to cut masses, but in reality serves as a dustpan when we chop any vegetables or to clean the crumb countertop (in fact, it is very similar to the restaurant pickers).

When you try it you can't live without him, and there are models available on Amazon from 15.39 euros.

5. Pasta spoon

maybe It is the most common tool on the list, but it is a basic kitchen classic that is missing in many houses. This spoon is ideal for cooking spaghetti, but it is also extremely useful, for example, for boil hard boiled eggsWell, they hold on great without spilling water.

There are plastic models for less than six uros, but those of stainless steel are not going to ruin either: they are for only 17.93 euros.

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