The best wine to eat cod is from Chimo Bayo and is called 'Hu-Ha'

The photographs of the wine bottle circulate nonstop by the WhatsApp groups in what seems like a clear operation of marketing, well adapted to the times. A wine sponsored by Chimo Bayo, whose description leaves no doubt.

"Our bobal grape has been carefully selected under the method of 'This yes, this no, I like it like me'. Only then can we get a technovino that in the mouth produces a chiquiti chiquiti so so, that tum bam bam that tun bam tepe tam pan pan that tun bam that pe ”, reads on the label.

The wine makers, Arráez Wineries, based on the Font de la Figuera (in Valencia, of course), they have not revealed more details about it, but they have confirmed their alliance with the mythical dj of the 'bakalao route' with a small video.

The party wineries

The 'Hu-ha' wine does not clash in the catalog Bodegas Arráez, which has among its wines brands such as Bad Life, Living without sleep or Lost Bullet, in addition to Cava Sutra.

Although the winery has 67 years of history, it was with the arrival at the address in 2007 of Toni Arráez Calabuig, -founder's grandson, Antonio Arráez Garrigos-, when his image took a 180-degree turn, with very Valencian themes, and wines "of modern, thug and current cut", as it says on its website.

Images | Arraez Wineries
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