These are the Spanish cheeses awarded at the World Cheese Adwards

After meeting yesterday who were the restaurants that won the third Michelin star, we are still very happy because Spanish cheeses have obtained excellent results in the prestigious World Contest. These are the Spanish cheeses awarded in the World Cheese Adwards with the SuperGold distinction.

He the world's most valued cheese in the World Cheese Adwards has been the Cornish Kern, prepared by Lynher Dairies Cheese Company and after him, up to 66 cheeses have won awards in this year's Contest. The Cornish Kern, got 75 of the 80 possible points after the assessment and tasting by the judges.

After them, it was in second place Italian cheese Blu Di Bufala with 69 points. These winning cheeses were followed by the Austrian cheese Capellaro and the South African cheese Dalewood Huguenot, both tied in third position with 67 points.

Spanish cheeses, have been led by the Finca Pascualete Retorta, a cream cheese that has already had great success in previous editions of the Cheese Adwards. This year, the Finca Pascualete Cheese Factory Mini Challenge in Trujillo It has been recognized as the best cheese in Spain and the sixth best in the world.

Further, These 13 other Spanish cheeses have also been awarded with the SuperGold distinction:

  • Formatge D'ovella Pasteurized. Betara, SL
  • El Pinsapo Grand Reserve from Sierra De Las Nieves. Agasur S.C.A. Malaga
  • Payment Valley of the Mills. Agroalimentaria Valle de los Molinos S.L. The Yébenes of Toledo.
  • Cured goat cheese La Gloria from Gran Canaria
  • Payment Valle de los Molinos matured with rosemary of Agroalimentaria Valle de los Molinos S.L. Los Yébenes, Toledo.
  • Goat cheese Gran Reserva, "Pata Negra" of Handmade Cheese Factory "The RRR"
  • Cured goat cheese with oregano of Quesería Montesdeoca
  • Tender Cheese El Becerril de Alcalaten, S.L. Juan Abad Tower (Ciudad Real)
  • Cheese Bolaños of sheep Lomo del Palo, from Queserías Bolaños, Canary Islands
  • Eusebio Manzano Cured Cheese Red Label de Queserías Eusebio Manzano, S.L
  • El Roano Raw Milk Cured Cheese of Cheese factory El Roano
  • Inanna de quesería Don Merendon, S.L. Inanna, Cuenca
  • Smoked Bolaños Isla Bonita cheese of Queserías Bolaños, Canary Islands

In addition to these 14 Spanish cheeses selected among the 66 best in the world, the winners of the SuperGold medals, other cheeses have obtained the distinctions of gold, silver and bronze. Here you have the complete list.

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