Chicken koftas, chops in BBQ sauce and much more in Directo al Paladar México

We are in that strange moment of the year in which the heat has already begun to make an appearance but we dare not keep the winter clothes. Surely we will still have some fresh days, but it is clear that spring is already noticeable in the environment. This is reflected in our dishes and those of our friends from Direct to the Palate Mexico, in whose kitchens we sneak in again today.

I would say that a little unconsciously we are gradually leaving behind the strongest pots and stews to prepare lighter recipes. Too fancy dishes that encourage us to eat on the terrace or they make us think about outdoor lunches, barbecues and excursions. But the good thing about this era is that we still don't have to give ourselves definitely to cold dishes, and, as our partners teach us, there are options in the kitchen for all tastes.

We start with recipes that I like for being very versatile and perfect to have prepared in advance or as a reserve in the freezer. What Anglo-Saxons usually call patties They are like pancakes, medallions, cupcakes or mini burgers, but what can we do with thousands of ingredients. For example, with fish, a great option for those who have children who have a little more trouble eating it willingly.

In this way we can try the appetizing recipe of fish pancakes with Indian spices and coriander sauce, which also comes in handy to vary the Lenten recipe book. Also filled with spices are curried potato cupcakes, a very easy and appetizing vegetarian recipe. We can serve these pancakes as a snack or full plate along with a good salad, they will even be great as stuffed with pita bread, fajitas or tacos.

Already going to meat and thinking about barbecues on the terrace or garden, we can cheer up with the original chicken koftas, some skewers of oriental origin with which we can vary our skewer report. The difference they have in front of more typical skewers in which the pieces of meat are simply skewered, is that in the koftas we have to chop it first. When mixed with other ingredients we gain a lot in flavor and also offer a very tasty texture.

The most carnivorous sure dream of a good barbecue steak, but if circumstances do not allow us we can always cook this piece in the home kitchen. Or do you not make your mouth water when you think of beef chops in BBQ sauce? You just have to seal the meat in a pan, combine it with an easy sauce and finish cooking in the oven, leaving it at the desired point.

And since we have the oven on, we continue with the comfortable recipe for baked chicken with mustard and honey. In this case, some potatoes are created in the same casserole that create a very complete single dish, although we can always serve as a side dish white rice, couscous or, as we put on, good homemade fries. Nor is it a bad idea to bet on vegetables, and this recipe for roasted carrots with fine herbs can be perfect, also as a single dish if they are accompanied by an egg.

Finally we have a dish that seems perfect for the weekend, a good classic lasagna to enjoy as a family. This time nothing of original innovations, a simple but succulent lasagna of layers of pasta with meat and vegetable sauce and its creamy bechamel. Let's take advantage that the heat is still bearable to give us the taste of delicacies like this. We have the sweet touch of the week with the selection of recipes they have made in their Walk through the gastronomy of the network, very tempting.

Do you have plans for the weekend? Any special recipe in mind? Anyway, I hope you have taken inspiration to encourage you to cook these days what you want most. I wait for you in seven days with a new delivery of our review of the best recipes of Direct to the Palate MexicoWhat dishes will our friends cook for us?