Walk through the gastronomy of the network: 13 recipes with chicken to vary our daily menus

Let him raise his hand who does not like chicken. I already knew that I would not see any arm raised, and it is practically impossible not to like meat as soft as this. In our Walk around the cuisine of the network Today we have found in your blogs 13 recipes with chicken that will help you vary your daily menus.

You will like them both for your meals and to plan at least one dinner a week, although I am sure that when you see the delicious recipes that we propose, which are really yours, it will cost you to resist trying them all and they will be noted on your list of earrings.

We start with a comforting creamy leek and chicken soup that Lidia has published in Caught in my kitchen, very appropriate for a gray and rainy day because it tones the body and automatically releases it from the cold. Another entree that you will love is this roast chicken salad that you can find in Marhya's blog, In a thousand battles, a dish that can also be used as a single dish.

Although the chicken combines with almost any ingredient, I recommend you mix it with artichokes, the result is spectacular. This is demonstrated by Manu with this chicken with artichokes and lemon that you will find in his blog Manu's recipes, and Silvia who has prepared some artichokes stuffed with chicken and mojo picón that I have published in Chup Chup Chup.

For a lighter version of how to prepare this meat, we have chosen two skewer recipes, it will surely cost you to choose between one. On the one hand, Ana's spicy chicken skewers on Bétulo's cook and also the chicken skewers marinated with potatoes and MJ vegetables in MJ's recipes.

If you are one of those who like to dip bread in a delicious sauce, you will love this chicken with Isabel mustard sauce in Chispi Recipes or chicken thighs with Mayte fennel sauce in Mayte's delights.

For when you want to leave your guests with their mouths open, we recommend this magnificent stuffed roast chicken that we have seen in Magic in my kitchen and if you like gizzards, Yolanda has prepared them in sauce on her blog Let's cook with Yoli and Inés.

We close our list of recipes with chicken with three traditional recipes that will surely not leave you indifferent, to start José Manuel's Catalan chicken in Asopaipas, we continue with the French-style chicken fricasé or stew of Walking gluten free, which has prepared a recipe for Gordon Ramsay, gluten-free, lactose-free and without milk protein, and to finish an exotic Moroccan chicken with cinnamon and lemon from Sonia in L'Exquisit.

We wait for you next week with another Walk around the cuisine of the network which will include new recipes that we will have seen throughout the week in your blogs. Until then, cook a lot!

Photographs | Manu's recipes, MJ's recipes, Caught in my kitchen and L'Exquisit
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