Chicken Durum Recipe for use

Big celebrations involve big leftovers and big leftovers require ideas so that they don't end up turned into trash and waste. Therefore, in these dates more than in any other time of the year, our proposals usually revolve around the kitchen of use. Hence, today we share with you this recipe of chicken durum.

The truth is that calling it a recipe is something that gives a little modesty and shame, because to prepare this chicken durum We started from the base of some roasted chicken leftovers that were screaming for a dignified and different ending. And so it has been. With some tortillas for durum, some green leaves and other vegetables we have prepared a delicious snack for lunch. And so richly.


For 4 people
  • Mayonnaise (1 crda) 30 g
  • Cream cheese or plain yogurt (1 crda) 15 g
  • Milk (1 crda) 15 ml
  • Provencal herbs to taste
  • Mixed green leaf salad or salad
  • Cherry tomato 8
  • Onion (1/4 onion) 50 g
  • Roasted or cooked chicken 200 g
  • Wheat tortillas for durum 4

How to make chicken durum

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 15 m
  • Elaboration 15 m

We take the leftovers of roasted chicken and crumble them, discarding the bone and the skin. The we heat slightly introducing them in the microwave for a couple of minutes at low power. We reserve Prepare the sauce by mixing the mayonnaise, cream cheese or yogurt, milk and herbs, stirring everything well until you get a homogeneous mixture.

We wash the cherry tomatoes well and cut them into five slices each. Wash the mezclum or lettuce and cut it into strips. Finally, we peel the half onion and cut it in fine juliana, that is, in strips as thin as possible.

Heat a pan over medium high heat and place a durum tortilla in it. When the tortilla is hot we remove it and spread a spoonful of the sauce on the surface, place a bed of green leaves and on it, a few pieces of tomatoes, chicken and onion. We roll and serve immediately while it is hot.

With what to accompany the chicken durum

Often the simplest elaborations are the most acclaimed, at least that happens in my house. Especially when we are a little saturated with so much feast and so much elaborate dish. Therefore, serve these chicken durum at lunch or dinner with an accompanying beer is a total success. So much that you may fall short, so prepare a lot of everything because they will surely ask for more.