Beyond the stove: 7 plans for foodies to be destroyed this fall

The return of the holidays, the beginning of the classes, the return to work and the return to the routine move us to look for leisure plans that make us forget that the days are getting shorter and shorter, that the temperatures drop and that, however bucolic it may be, autumn is installed between us.

For foodies there are many leisure alternatives, the most traditional are the workshops of this or that culinary specialty. But there are also other types of activities that go beyond the stove, like these seven plans for foodies to enjoy this fall. There are all the themes and for all tastes.

For the "foodie-photographers"

We will start with a creative retreat of those that serve to inspire anyone and that, on this occasion, focuses on the Culinary photography and styling learning. If you love photography together with gastronomy, but you lack technical knowledge you can put the batteries with this culinary photography and styling workshop. Two days of disconnection from the outside world and absolute immersion, eight students, an environment of great beauty and the know-how of the renowned gastronomic photographer Raquel Carmona give to learn a lot.

October 7-9, 2016
Finca Fuente Techada, Sotosalbos (Segovia)
More information | Creative Retreats

For lovers of haute cuisine

In another order of things we have a great plan for foodies who love haute cuisine and good food: Cordoba Gourmet Caliphate. A tasting and tapas contest, a showcooking and two exclusive dinners are part of the program of activities that will star 10 of the most renowned chefs of the national gastronomic scene, with a total of 11 Michelin stars and 20 Repsol soles. Seeing them work a step away from your eyes, exchanging opinions with them and seeing their more human side is priceless.

September 26 and 27
Circle of friendship (Córdoba)
More information | Cordoba Gourmet Caliphate

For the brewers

Do not worry if you have no budget to travel to Munich as the alternative to genuine Oktoberfest Madrid offers it to you. This famous Bavarian festival, which has become a classic of the capital, is an unavoidable event for the most brewers who can combine authentic Bavarian food (sausages, pork knuckle, bretzel, etc.) with beer specially made for the occasion.

September 22, 23, 24 and 25
Barclaycard Center (Madrid)
More information | Madrid Oktoberfest

For mushroom lovers

If there is something that is intrinsically linked to autumn, they are mushrooms. Strolling through the mountains in your search sounds very bucolic, but it is important to respect the regulations in force, the recommendations on how to pick them up or transport them (in a basket so that the spores spread) and, above all, do not risk catching mushrooms that are not known.

It is also possible to enjoy mushrooms by attending the "BuscaSetas" gastro-mycological conference that, for the past 14 autumns, has been sponsored by the Junta de Castilla y León. The hotel establishments in the region with the highest mycological richness in the country come together to present exclusive menus in which Mushrooms are the absolute protagonists.

From October 29 to November 13
Various establishments in Castilla y León
More information | Mushroom Search

For broth lovers

Visiting wineries and vineyards is another characteristic activity of this time of year in which you can learn the whole wine creation process in one of the many wineries open to the public in the areas of Ribera de Duero, Priorat, La Rioja, Penedés, La Mancha, Rueda, Toro, Jerez, etc. Some of them organize tasting courses, wine pairing and even beauty treatments with wine.

Dates and various locations
More information | Wine tourism

For the canned crazy

If you want to go one step beyond mere canning and you are interested in deepening the identification of the edible fruits of the environment, its collection, its processing, etc., this may be your plan. Organized in an environment of great beauty, in the Networks Natural Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the workshop lasts for a weekend and sounds most attractive.

September 9, 10 and 11, 2016
Redes Natural Park (Asturias)
More information | The risks

For future foodie-beekeepers

Delve into the world of beekeeping, either to start or to learn about the rearing of queens, beekeeping food or health or the development of artisanal bee products, among others, is our latest leisure proposal for autumn. Learning to take care of your own hives and making honey is a dream that can come true in a simpler way than we can imagine.

Various dates depending on the activity
Moraleda de Zafayona (Granada)
More information | Beekeeping course

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