Tilk, the new Indian restaurant that lands in Madrid to conquer our palates

Gradually, Indian cuisine is making its way through the varied gastronomic offer of the capital. Proof of this is Tilk, the new Indian restaurant that lands in Madrid to conquer our palates. Going through your door means entering the gastronomic universe of India, through the exquisite dishes brought from all areas of the country.

At the head of Tilk are Sonia Karani and Andrés González, a lovely couple with a very clear work philosophy in which Quality, in the broadest sense of the word, is above all. During the hour and shortly my meal time lasted, I not only enjoyed a magnificent menu, but also excellent service. Not everywhere feels like home. Here, yes.

The space

Located in the neighborhood of Latin America, next to the Republic Square of Ecuador and very close to the Colombia metro stop. Tilk occupies the premises of an old Galician restaurant, which is reflected in the facade and interior construction. But nevertheless, the decoration of the place is subtle, functional and has a clearly Indian cut.

The restaurant has two dining rooms, one at the entrance and another at the back. The first is bright, the large windows of the facade flood it with natural light. The second is quiet and intimate. Also, the entrance has a small bar where you can have a drink if you have to wait to take a table, a detail of the most successful.

The gastronomic offer

I don't think it makes much sense to list the dishes I tasted in Tilk, although I will say they were all exquisite and perfectly executed. My favorite was a tandoori roast suckling lamb that left me unarmed. And this, coming from someone who is not passionate about lamb meat, is quite significant. There it is.

The gastronomic offer is faithful Reflection of the modern and contemporary gastronomic panorama of India, where Sonia spent a month studying and learning the gastronomic tendencies of her country by the hand of the leading chefs. Good raw material, which requires less spices and less spicy to shine in its elaborations, and many vegetables in the form of various vegetarian dishes.

Tilk's letter also accommodates traditional food, the one in which spices and spicy are the ones that rule. However, those who are not especially fond of strong flavors may request that the kitchen team adapt the preparations to their tastes. There is nothing more to say and the wishes will come true.

The service

If there is something slightly negative that I can write about Tilk, it has to do with the service and the speed with which the dishes were arriving at our table. I wish it was faster. I want to blame it on short operating time of the restaurant and I believe, honestly, that time and filming will make this point better.

Apart from this, the treatment received by the entire team was exceptional, attentive and very personal. As mentioned above, from the moment we crossed the entrance door, Sonia and Andrés they made us feel at home. So much so that, when we left, we wanted to say goodbye to them with a couple of kisses. We promise to come back and hope it will be very soon.

In summary, Tilk is a restaurant worth visiting. Those of you who know Indian cuisine will be surprised by its innovative cuisine. Those who do not know it, will enjoy the softness of their dishes, the harmony of their flavors and the aromas that accompany them. It will be an opening of horizons, a journey through the exotic gastronomic universe of the most modern and modern India.

Tilk Restaurant

Oruro Street, 11
28016 Madrid
Reservations by phone: 917 525 537
Online reservations: [email protected]
Average price € 35-45

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