The 7 most dangerous ingredients in the world

The gastronomic specialties around the world they can become quite curious and sometimes require that we have a little courage to try them. In other cases there are dishes that besides being exotic are really dangerous.

It is usually dishes whose ingredients can be dangerous to health causing discomfort, poisoning or even death, even if that seems exaggerated. Next we will give a brief account of the 7 most dangerous ingredients in the world If they are not well prepared.

Live Octopus or Sannakji in Korea

Consumption of live animals It is not very frequent although it exists in some cultures. Such is the case in Korea where there is this dish called Sannakji which is basically live octopus Simply seasoned with sesame and spices. The problem is that sometimes the octopus does not want to cooperate and gets stuck in the throat of who is eating it. This dish has already caused death by suffocation of several people.

The Fugu fish in Japan

We continue with our Asian friends who are definitely specialists in seafood products that can be harmful. He Fugu fish is life threatening since it contains a toxin called "Tetrodotoxin" which can become a dangerous poison. To be commercialized, the Japanese government delivers special licenses for specialized chefs.

Coprino mushroom

This mushroom It is mainly in the European continent and is also known as "Coprinus Atramentarius"Its particularity is that if you eat it alone nothing will happen to you. However if you have the bad idea to combine it with alcohol It can be dangerous causing stomach upset and tachycardia.

Casu Marzu, in Sardinian cheese

In the italian island from Sardinia there is a cheese to which the producers graft larvae to accelerate fermentation. This process causes the cheese to be softer and creamier. However, some biologists believe that the presence of these larvae can cause problems to the digestive system.

Shark meat

The shark meat It is a popular ingredient in some regions of Asia among others. However this meat contains uric acid that in large quantities is harmful to human health. To remedy this problem the Icelanders, for example, let shark meat dry for 6 months underground.

The bullfrog in Namibia

In the distant lands of NamibiaIn Africa, locals usually eat a frog known as bull rat. The animal is consumed in your totality although some organs of the same can be dangerous for human health if they are not well prepared. A very local curiosity But it is worth being discovered.


Cassava is very consumed in South America, in Africa and even in Asia, however if not cooked enough it turns out quite harmful to health for its content in "Cyanogenic Glycoside"To remedy this problem, most countries usually boil Cassava very well to eliminate risks in its consumption.

How can you see, there are many products, ingredients and dishes around the world which are not necessarily suitable for all palates. If you travel to a country that you don't know, it is always better to inform yourself of what you are going to eat before experiencing new food. Simple matter of prudence.

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