Weekly menu from July 7 to 13

Summer continues its course, more peacefully for some than for others, but our kitchens never close. As every Monday we bring you in our weekly menu the best recipes and other content we have had during the last days.

We have recipes also very summery, with new varied salads and also ideal desserts for these days. Neither the heat nor the holidays are an excuse to continue enjoying the best homemade food, so do not miss these recipes if you need a little inspiration.

Starters and first courses

As I said at the beginning, we have had a new selection of recipes these days. salads and fresh dishes Perfect for summer. Classics like gazpacho or salad are infallible, but don't miss these ideas of variations.

Seconds and other dishes

Summer can be a good time to try somewhat different recipes, like the English breakfast something particular that brought us minuet. Longer days and vacations are also great for cheering in the world of bread, or just for a good pizza.

Desserts and sweets

In the sweet section of this week we also do not lose sight of the summer with several very fresh recipes and taking advantage of the fruit From this epoch. Have you already started making ice cream?

In addition, inspired by the latest MasterChef program, in our space 0.0 citizen We have 20 + 1 recipes for use to avoid wasting leftovers and make the most of all our dishes, saving time and money.

And finally, to stay in tune with the summer, we have analyzed 13 flavors of the strangest ice creams that exist and we continue reviewing everything you need for a perfect barbecue; Do not miss the 9 essential tricks and 5 sauces to surprise everyone with your barbecue.

So far this delivery of the weekly menu, but I wait for you in seven days to make a new review of all the news of the next days. Meanwhile, I hope your menus are also full of tasty dishes.

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