Mediterranean restaurant in Pinedo, to hit with a Valencian paella

When my friends come to Valencia and ask me for a place to go to eat a real traditional Valencian paella - and not one of the 13 aberrations of history committed against paella - I always doubt a bit, because there are sites of recognized prestige , but they are quite expensive. But nevertheless, The Mediterranean restaurant in Pinedo is a good place to hit with a Valencian paella and not leave the wallet in the attempt.

Pinedo is a small town just south of Valencia, before reaching El Saler and the Albufera Natural Park. He does not have much paellero recognition with El Palmar, but there are several places right next to the beach where you can enjoy a good paella or some other typical Valencian rice, such as the rich rice of the young man that they make in the Vora Riu Restaurant, a few meters from this one that I bring you today.

From the outside, the Mediterranean restaurant is not a very attractive place, since it is located in a rather discreet construction and the furniture and arrangement of the terrace is not spectacular, with the typical metal tables and blue paper tablecloths. But inside we find a much more modern and elegant place, with cloth linens and a decoration and service according to food quality.

Anyway, when we are going to eat at the beach this is the least important thing, and the most important thing, besides food, is to have sea ​​views and a little breeze. The views of the sea from Pinedo are no big deal, because there is the port area and the large freighters outlined on the sea line, but we are not going to get exquisite either.

Normally, when you are going to eat paella, you always ask a "picaeta" to make time while preparing the paella. In the menu of this (and other restaurants in the area) you will always find bravas, squid, clotoxins (such as mussels, a little smaller), tellinas (coquina), lace (squid breaded), fish, grilled cuttlefish ... as well as Toasted bread with garlic oil and tomato, perfect to make mouth.

On several of my visits I tried a little of all those tapas, and all are very good, although they always have days. Two weeks ago the squid and the bravas were not as good as this last weekend, but the previous one the fish was spectacular. Fortunately, to what they have caught the point is the Valencian paella; they always come out at least touching perfection.

And, next to the restaurant, they have a small fenced yard, which is where they prepare the wood paellas, which gives a touch hardly comparable. In addition, to the basic recipe of chicken, rabbit, bachoqueta (flat bean) and garrofón, snails are usually added, and they never forget rosemary, which also gives it a great aromatic touch.

The most important thing, however, is that the grain is always at its point, loose and smooth, but without being hard, tasty but not in excess, and without being oily as it happens lately in many places. As a brooch, they usually get a good amount of socarraet For those of us who love scratching the bottom of the paella.

I finally have to talk about desserts, that although they do not reach the level of paella, they are homemade, and perfectly fulfill the task of putting the brooch to good food. Brownie with ice cream, egg flan and cheese flan are the ones we ordered last time, all very rich, although my favorite is the cheese flan, my downfall.

Mediterranean restaurant in Valencia

Pinedo Cruise to the Sea Nº 88
Pinedo (Valencia)
Tel. 96 324 71 45
Average price: 20 euros per person