Sister Lucia, the new daily program of Canal Cocina

Traditionally the closing nuns have been great cooks. I remember as a child having accompanied my grandmother to buy her sweets, and then I noticed how perfect her pastries and cookies were. That's why I think I'm going to love it Sister Lucia, the new daily program of Canal Cocina.

This is the first time that a closing nun, of the Dominican Order, will present a cooking show on television. The religious, of Argentine and Lebanese roots, will teach us to prepare monastic dishes adapted to current times, not forgetting its origins: anise donuts, pumpkin stew with potatoes, cecina rolls with ricotta or tucuman empanadas.

As Sr. Lucia says: "I am convinced that food unites people, that makes family, that makes community and, that the desktop after a quiet meal, helps to share what we carry in our hearts and transform our world ” Don't you think they are very correct words?

In addition to exercising her passion for cooking, delighting her sisters in the convent with her recipes, the religious combines a life dedicated to study and prayer with a deep social commitment next to the most needy people, which led her to promote the Manresa Interreligious Dialogue Group, the MOSAIC mental health project and the Rosa Oriol Foundation.

In case all the above was not enough, Sr. Lucia She is the author of several books. In 2012 he published 'My cloister is the world' and recently he has just published his second book, “A Dios rogando”. Almost nothing, from now on I will think twice before complaining or saying that I can no longer with anything else.

By the way, for those who, like me, are addicted to social networks, you should know that the presenter is a mass phenomenon, on Twitter it has "only" almost 54,000 followers. Of vertigo I guess now, with all this information, it will be difficult for you to lose yourself Sister Lucia, the new daily program of Canal Cocina.

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